Dogma #4 : "Europa"

Eirik Fatland, Irene Tanke, Attila Evang, Cath RÝsseland, Janicke Krogh et co.

Weltschmerz' Europa

About the event
Weltschmerz is an Oslo-based network who do ambitous, experimental LARPs with a political or societal theme. "Europa", the second Weltschmerz LARP, was set in an alternative present where the Nordic countries had taken the place of the Balkans as Europes war-torn corner. The characters were refugees, applicants for asylum in the imaginary state Orsinia.

The largest Dogma larp to date, Europa broke vow #1 indisputably and thus ended up being not-really-Dogma or almost-Dogma. Despite this weakness, and a couple of other problems, the LARP allready seems to have reached milestone status and has been called "the best LARP ever". The Europa instructors handbook (on the link below) is one example of how Dogme 99 philosophy has been converted to practice.

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