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Do you have an article on LARP theory? Let us publish it!

We publish articles in any language, and may include a link to the original, your homepage or email adress. We're trying to put together a library of essential larp-texts. Larpwright theory (how to write a larp), actor theory (how to play, immerse, in it) as well as scholarly/analytical works are welcome.

Are you working on a thesis or research project about LARP? Get in touch!

Few students or scholars who write about larp realise they're far from the first to do so. We can help you find sources and get an overview of what's been done before. We can also publish your paper on this website. In any case - we would like to hear about your work so we can spread the word.

Do you want to publish Amor Fati material? Contact us!

For non-lodge material, the rights belong to the author and that's who you should contact. For texts produced by the lodge - we love to see it on print, but we also like to be asked for permission first.