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Theory - Articles on the fateplay method

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The Play of Fate

a short introduction to the method, by Eirik Fatland.


Skjebnespill som fortellerteknikk i levende rollespill

in-debth article by Lars Wingaard.



Definitions of the fateplay method, by the Freeweavers Lodge.

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Practice - articles on fateplay-using larps

Moirais Vev

Post-larp documentation of the 1997 fateplay "Moirais Vev", a dramatization of Greek myths.


Book of Iron

Post-larp documentation of the 1998 fateplay "Book of Iron", by Mikko Saari


Relevant articles on other websites

I Could a Tale Unfold Whose Lightest Word Would Harrow up Thy Soul" PDF icon

Johanna Koljonen on the Swedish larp adoption of "Hamlet". In the anthology Beyond Role and Play.


Knappnålshuvudet - a pre-event talk

Larpwright Daniel Krauklis interviewed by Phantasmata before the larp Knappnålshuvudet.