The Freeweavers Lodge

About the Lodge

The Ancient and Noble Lodge of Free Weavers is, most of the time, simply an alias for Lars Wingård and Eirik Fatland whenever they work together. Or it is an alias for this site's editors (usually just Eirik). For a short period in the late 90s it was meant to be an organisation composed of all and any larpwrights who had experience with fate-play, and who were willing to act as helpers and consultants for new fate-play larps. That was not a huge success - no other fate-weavers lined up to help us, and only one larp asked for advice.

The Freeweavers Lodge has never been an actual secret society, nor an "elite club" for larp celebrities (what larp celebrities?). "Membership by invitation to the Lodge's wine gatherings" is just a fancy way of saying that if we drink wine and talk larp, then we're the freeweavers lodge. The Lodge was, more than anything, a joke. Such a wonderful name begged to be used, and so it has been used with different meanings at different times.


2001 Charter

A now de-funct charter of the Freeweavers Lodge.

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The Golden Spider

Our exclusive award of honour - given to larpwrights for LARPs that are innovative and demonstrate both artistic and organisational Quality.


Old Charter

The original charter of the Freeweavers Lodge.

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