In 1999, we edited together a bunch of ideas that had been floating around in a circle of Norwegian larpers into a manifesto - Dogma 99 - a programme for the liberation of larp. The text paraphrased and ocasionally parodied Dogme 95, but the ideas in it preceeded the choice of dogme as a form (a working title was "towards a poor larp"). It was intended as a discussion piece and kick-off text for a series of larps that would be radically experimental, in the hope of finding ways to remedy the shortcomings of larp-as-it-was-before.

In December of 1999, the manifesto hit some unexpecting mailing lists - and exploded into a fury of discussion. Within weeks, the first counter-manifestos and alternative manifestos had appeared. For a year or two, reading, writing and discussing manifestos was all the rage. This period of the history of Nordic larp has later been called "The Age of Manifestos".

There is a general consensus these days that the "Age of Manifestos" is over. This page links to some of the more well-known texts produced in those days.


Dogma 99 - a programme for the liberation of larp

".. furthermore I swear to see myself as an artist .." - "larp is action - not litterature!"

(English & Norwegian)

Manifest of the Turku School

"..My greatest goal shall be to fulfill the game master's vision forcing myself to immerse in the character.."

(English & Finnish)

The Key Manifesto

"Less is more!"


Commentary and parody

Brosme 9,9kg

A traditionalist manifesto, parodying Dogma 99

English | Norsk

The Angeltrĝa Manifest

"1. I'm right.
2. If you disagree with me, you're wrong."

(English, Spanish, German, Finnish & Kolbotnisk)