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Making and maintaining frames

Jul.03.2005 Over the last several years, Geir Tore Brenne has been researching Norwegian larps for his cand.polit thesis in sociology. Amor Fati is pleased to publish his thesis on the web: Making and maintaining frames - A study of metacommunication in laiv play.

Interaction Codes

Feb.28.2005 How can larpwrights predict and encourage players to improvise in specific patterns? Why has larp become a succesfull mass movement, while interactive theatre hasn't? Eirik Fatland tries to answer these questions and more in the article "Interaction Codes - understanding and establishing patterns in player improvisation."

Housecleaning time

Feb.28.2005 For the first time in three years, Amor Fati has been updated. Broken links have been removed, new links have been added, the content has been brushed up a bit. And the underlying code is now standards compliant. Amor Fati is probably the web's oldest larp theory-oriented site. Recently, larp theory has been taking some quantum leaps forward, and a lot of the web activity has been going on other places. Check out the articles section for some links.

Building dramatics

Apr.04.2001 Trouble getting that plot working? Having a hard time understanding the LARP theorist newspeak? In building dramatics the acclaimed Swedish theorist and larpwright Susanne Gräslund presents a general introduction to How Make Stories Happen and some new thoughts on the subject. read it now!

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