The Freeweavers Lodge (old)

On this day, the 15th of March, Anno Domini 1998, it is hereby proclaimed with excessive pomposity and solemnity for all living, dead, undead and interactive roleplayers and actors in all lands that the Ancient and Noble fraternity of Fateweavers have constituted their neo-ancient tradition in an outer form : The Noble and Honourable Cosmopolitan brotherhood of fateweavers / The Highly Dignified Lodge of Free Weavers. Unto this we call the High Protectors of Our Art as witness : Klotho, Lachesis and Athropos; Urd, Skuld and Verdande, the Sacred Spider and his Sottishness Dionysos.

The holy and divinely given purpose is to guard the Play of Fate, contribute to its development and experimentation by keeping the experiences of previous Fateplays and help new Fateweavers.

Any one who wishes to Weave fates has a right to the counsel of the Lodge. Freeweavers are forbidden from attempting to influence those who ask for such advice. Our purpose is merely to give advice and gather experience. The Play is not developed through the dogmatism of the Lodge, but through new Weavers who seek to bring the Play in new directions.

The Lodge takes upon itself to keep an archive of written experiences and material from earlier held Plays, this archive is to be available for anyone who wishes to see it and not merely the members of the Lodge.

Any Man or Woman who has acted the part of Fateweaver at one or more occasions has a right and a claim to be initiated iinto the Lodge. Anyone who on other ground believes he or she has something to contribute with (ideas, citicism or other) to the Play may also ask for intitiation. Initiation is conducted in a ceremonial manner. After initiation is held the initiate is a full member and will take a secret name as Brother or Sister - and in addition whatever titles one might wish. Every Man and Every womanis a Pope . No membership fees are asked for, and the members only duty is to make his experience and creativity available for the Play of Fate, depending upon time and wish. An initiate may not be excluded from the order, and an applicant who fills the requirements of initiation may not be denied such.

The Lodge is a ceremonial, informal and communicating coalition of fateweavers. It is not, and shall not become, a formal organisation in the ordinary sense of the word. It has as such no property, no account, no board and no supreme authority. The members of the Lodge distribute essential tasks between one another depending upon who has the time to do them. The Lodge shall not compete, nor be seen as competitive, with established LARP organisations.