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(Amor Fati has been online since 1997, but we didn't come up with the idea of having a news archive before the autumn of 1999)

Propaganda! Seduction!

Mar.30.2001 Knutepunkt has given us more manifestos. The most important one, the Swedish "Manifest Sunday", hasn't reached the Web yet but in our propaganda section you can find several others - from "The Key Manifesto" (mostly serious) to "the Angeltrøa Manifest" (mostly silly).

Convince Me!

Salvaged debate

Feb.22.2001 The "Turku på Web" debate began with a posting of the link to the Turku school webpages on the discussion forum. In time, a number of Nordic LARP theorists and agitators were involved. A technical glitch destroyed the thread, but most of it was salvaged and is archived here.

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New publication: Why larp?

Jun.06.2000 Lars Wingårds paper on "Hvorfor bør man laive, og kan man gjøre det på skolen?" ("Why LARP - and can you do it at school?") is published online. Topics discussed include self-development through LARP, hazards of LARP, history of Norwegian LARP and a one-year programme for LARP students. There is no english translation available unless we receive serious requests for one. Read it here

Dogma 99

Dec.14.1999 Dogma 99, a programme for the liberation of LARP, is at the moment detonating like a nuclear bomb in slow motion. The manifesto is a heavy criticism of the structures of "conventional" LARP, which are countered in the manifesto by a "Vow of Chastity", inspired by Dogma 95, and an appeal to LARPers everywhere. The authors of the manifesto, Lars Wingård and Eirik Fatland, are (perhaps not unexpectedly) identical with the membership of the Lodge of Free Weavers.

Knappnålshuvudet, being played

Oct.17.1999 As this message is posted, the largest fateplay so far is being played in Gothenburg, Sweden. The game in question, Knappnålshuvudet has caused quite som discussion in the Swedish scene by describing itself - amongst other things - as "an Elitist LARP". A recent issue of Phantasmata magazine brings us an interview with gameswriter Daniel Krauklis, where much attention is given to the events use of the fateplaying method.

We in the Oslo Grand Lodge of Fateweavers are gratified by the fact that Knappnålshuvudet is heavily inspired by Norwegian experimental LARP - and they acknowledge it. Long live Nordic co-operation! See you all at Solmukohta.

Upcoming larp: Knappnålshuvudet

Mar.25.1999 Just when it seemed the subgenre was about to die a slow & silent death, along came Knappnålshuvudet. Organised by some of Swedens most celebrated LARP talents, the event (described as "an improvised play of mystery") seems ambitious to the extreme. And it will use a "form" of the Play of Fate to achieve its narration. Homepage : (Swedish only).